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By Tim Carthon (Blog #45: Business, Marketing, Hip-Hop)

If you haven't been living under a rock, you probably know about the feud that happened between rapper Machine Gun Kelly®, aka MGK®, and one of the greatest rappers of all time and the highest selling rapper in history, Marshall Mathers, aka Eminem®.

The feud escalated from something said by MGK® years ago about Eminem's daughter Hailie, compounded by subtle verbal jabs at Eminem® periodically through different music mediums.

In the hip-hop game, eventually one has to respond to those taunts.  If they don't, they risk losing credibility, which could severely hurt their album sales, tour ticket sales, video views, streams, and more.

Eminem® responded with a surprise album called 'Kamikaze' and a diss track on it called 'Not Alike,' which was well received by the majority of hip-hop fans.

Within a few days, MGK® released a response diss track called 'Rap Devil,' which was a play on Eminem's legendary song 'Rap God.'

The song was a great comeback to the 'Not Alike' diss.  Unfortunately for MGK®, his opponent was Eminem®, and Eminem's next diss track 'Killshot' was pure battle rap genius.

During this battle with the machine gun, Eminem® unexpectedly got figuratively hit in the back with several rocks.  When he turned around to see who it was, it wasn't a "who."  It was a "whom."

There were several opponents, but not the ones he thought they would be.  And, true to form, he responded to them, too, and rather brilliantly.

Watch the full story below:

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