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By Tim Carthon (Blog #46: Health, Lifestyle, Business, Finance)

One of the biggest problems I've seen doing startup business infrastructure consulting is that people get excited about the end-result possibility of their increased finances...

...but fail miserably when it comes to the infrastructure-building road that comes before every successful venture.

Unfortunately, the area of weight loss seems to be having that same issue as well.

So, in this article, I'm going to be completely honest with you about:

A. Negating that destructive 'microwave mindset' in order to hit your short- and long-term financial and weight loss 'dual level up' goals.

B. The actions you need to take and the free, moderate-costing, and expensive resources you'll want and need to use (and their costs) to aid you in accomplishing those goals.*

1.) Build a Work-From-Home Business Using a Killer Infrastructure.

As the saying goes, it’s very easy to miss the forest for the trees.

Time and time again I’ve told clients the amount of time it would take them to reach their goal, bare minimum, but many miss it because of the blinding amount of money they can possibly generate.

The key to their success of a $10,000-per-month year is the persistence of their effort and the infrastructure on which they build their $10,000-per-month business, in this case, a work-from-home business.

Now that you know that the first of the two ways to level up is the infrastructure, you can also start off with one FREE week at Level 1 in my F.I.T.E. Plan Business Infrastructure Academy.

My expert training and analysis will get you warmed up to your upcoming entrepreneurial journey.

You can also get expert training in this private webinar from a work-from-home legend (if you do, be sure to reserve your spot).

Now, the initial training is also FREE and up-to 2 hours long (so grab some snacks). However...

...the complete training course to your first potential $10,000 work-from-home month (created by a gentleman who has made over $1,000,000 for the past seven consecutive years with this course) is a healthy, monetary investment, about $997, but it's DEFINITELY worth it.

Heck, he's even giving every single, solitary person $237 in FREE bonuses! (He can DEFINITELY afford it Lol.)

So let's get started (like I said, you'd better grab some snacks Lol).

2.) The Key to Losing Weight Is to Focus on What Enters Your Body, Not Working Out.

When it comes to getting in shape and taking care of these wonderful bodies we call our temple, people tend to look for 'quick ways' to reach their body goals, be they weight loss-based, fitness-based, or both.

But here’s the thing: There are no 'quick ways'. There are, however, quicker ways (notice the ‘er’ on the end).

You see, although it's great to incorporate into your daily life, what keeps weight down is not principally exercise.

It’s principally what you put into your body, mainly customized food/meals and targeted fat-burning supplements.

So, now that you know the second way of the two ways to level up, you can create your own weight loss regimen and meal plan using your own knowledge or free information via YouTube.

But, if you want already proven ways, you can start here. It contains amazing healthy and financial resources, including one that will show you a potential super-charged, 54-lb weight loss process using a secret, ancient-formula supplement from one of the healthiest islands in the world (about $89 per bottle).

Then you can also take the FREE meal customization quiz for your targeted, custom keto diet plan; a plan that, if you decide to get it, costs $-0- for a full 7-day trial and only $37 thereafter for a full 8-week meal plan!

Hey, we can all afford $-0- just to try it for a week, right?

And trust me, you'll be eating VERY well with these specific meals on this particular customized meal plan.

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