SCREW YOU! Book, Volume 1 (Tips 1-20)

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Volume 1 (Tips 1-20)

(F)uel for Your Entrepreneurial Journey

The SCREW YOU! Book Series is the encouragement soup of Tim Carthon's Entrepreneurial 4-Course Meal.

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Throughout history, the words "SCREW YOU!" have mostly been used in a negative connotation:

•  Somebody bothers you, "SCREW YOU!"

•  Someone stabs you in the back, "SCREW YOU!"

•  Somebody steals your belongings, "SCREW YOU!"

•  Somebody breaks their word to you, causing a catastrophic chain of events, "SCREW YOU!"

However, just like The Constitution of the United States of America, the use of language is fluid.

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Your Fork In the Road

We've all been in a situation where we contemplated making a decision that was either slightly difficult or massively life-altering in order to try and better our lives, and we wanted the council of friends and family and sometimes even colleagues, right?

And what did we find?

That some of them would support you mostly, but have slight reservations.

Some of them would offer criticism of your plans based on logic, which made sense in general and was constructive. Some would hear the plan and support you completely.

Then there were others, seemingly most, who would give you criticism not based on logic, but based on what we call hate.

•  Hate that you're going after your dreams.

•  Hate that you would 'throw your dream in their face' by asking their opinion.

•  But mostly hate that they didn't have the courage and mental strength to make their own life altering, positive changes and chase their own dreams.

They would spend their time feeding the fear and doubt in you in order to try and keep you on their level, keeping you living a lesser life. Well...

Those days are over!

If you have no fear, if you have no doubt, then you have nothing for negative individuals to feed.

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Are You Fear and Doubt's New Meal?

In our lives, when we notice that someone is spreading fear and doubt when we are attempting to do great things, a lot of times we get angry at the person.  However...

...what we don't realize is that the person saying those things is a victim themselves.

They are a victim of the negative culture that surrounds them everywhere they go; the culture of "I can't do," instead of the culture of "You can't stop me from doing!"

And, unfortunately, when they come to you they want to feed that cycle a new meal in order to keep it going.

What you have to realize is that, in that situation, your job is not to say "SCREW YOU!" to the messenger but, instead, say "SCREW YOU!" to the defeatist message!

You have to let it know that:

You are NOT a new meal for fear.

You are NOT a new meal for doubt.

And what SCREW YOU!  Startup Business Tips to Destroy Doubt, Especially Inside You (Tips 1-20) does is teach you to use the words "SCREW YOU!" as a positive means to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!

It helps you to starve fear and doubt while simultaneously feeding you compact, hearty 'mind meals' daily to help you build unstoppable mental strength in order to inevitably forge an amazing entrepreneurial empire!

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F. I. T. E.


The (F)uel for Your Entrepreneurial Journey


The SCREW YOU! Book Series is the dessert of Tim Carthon's 4-Course Entrepreneurial Meal.

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