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By Tim Carthon (Blog #47: Health, Lifestyle)

Ever heard the saying “Health is wealth”? What that saying simply means is that your body matters more than your money.


Because you can make more money. You can’t make more of you.

So, in this article, I’m going to talk to you about the best strategy for real, long-lasting weight loss so you can enjoy the wealth you build from your business.

Let’s get into it.

First thing’s first:

Put away the microwave mentality if you’ve got it, because this isn’t one of those parties Lol.

If you came here to try and find a way to completely subvert the weight loss process fast, then you’re going to be mostly disappointed.


Why did I add that “mostly” caveat? It’s because of the words “completely subvert” and “fast”.

You see, yes, there are ways that you can skirt a bit of the weight-loss process, but not completely and not fast.

You have to think of it more as speeding the process up. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s “fast”, but it definitely will be faster.

And it’s truly important to your weight loss success that you understand the subtle, but pivotal difference between those two:

Fast vs. faster.

Think of it like this:

If I want to get to a store before it closes, I may have to go faster in the car to get there.

So, if I’m driving in a 25 mph zone, then going “faster” could be going 29 mph, which, technically, would be faster. However…

…by the overall metric of speed, 29 mph is not actually “fast” at all.

Get the difference?

REMEMBER: You are NOT a microwave, so the goal you have should not be about cooking up some ‘get slim quick’ scheme.

Instead, it should be about using different resources to ‘speed up’ the weight loss process and reach your weight loss goals faster, not “fast”.

And the best way to do that has to do with what you put into your body, primarily (but not only) the food you eat.

So, if you’re what’s called a “junk food junkie”, you’re going to have to completely transform your eating habits in order to change what it is your body is forced to process on a daily basis.

This means making a customized meal plan for your main meals and paying more attention to the snacks you devour in-between those meals as well.

And, whether it be something low impact like yoga or the high-impact sports or weight-lifting exercises, you’ll also have to start incorporating exercise into your bi-daily schedule.

So, once you do that, then you will have the weight loss to go with your financial gain.

In other words, both health and wealth. However…

…no matter what you attempt to implement to reach your weight-loss goals, never forget one simple thing:

Your meals are always King.

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